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First Aid
First AidFor the past few weeks, the Alpine School students have been learning first aid skills. Recently we had a CPR exam which was quite challenging, but at least now we know what to do if someone drops dead on our expo. We had a number of lessons learning both first aid and CPR.

Our most recent lesson was about first aid scenarios, this class was outside and we were put to the test to see if we could diagnose our "sick" patients. There were three types of scenarios they included hypothermia, internal bleeding & soft tissue wounds.

It seemed very silly at the time, but in the end it was worth it. We had some funny team moments when one of the group members had to be a patient, inured with a bike lying on top of them. It was very hard to concentrate because most of us kept laughing, when we were supposed to be unconscious. It has been a very fun and exciting few weeks and we hope the rest of the term will stay the same.

By Healy & Jelena