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A Rest Day to Relax and Recuperate - Tom and Janelle

Today was a rest day for people to relax and recuperate after an action packed 2 weeks. It also gave us some time to think about the talk we had with our liaison teachers. We touched base on how we think we have been going and to see how we can improve over the following 2 weeks. We also talked about the goals we set back at the Alpine School and if we had moved towards achieving them. For the rest of the day we just sat around and rested for the weeks ahead to come.

The plans for tomorrow are to finish painting the local primary school’s doors and watch a Lion dance performance before we say farewell to the first group of liaison teachers who have been with us for the past 2 weeks at Utahloy. In the evening we are going to have a talent show. We would like to thank the first group of teachers, Ms Barton, Mr Porter, Mr Pike, Mr and Mrs Miche for helping us settle in and get used to the environment here at the Utahloy International School.

By Tom and Janelle