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We are the Teachers - Finlay and Travis

Teaching English at ZengCheng No1 High SchoolWe began our day teaching English language classes at the Zengcheng No 1 High School. All of the Alpine students paired up in groups of 2 and taught classes of between 40 to 50 Chinese students! We played games, sang songs, danced and of course spoke English with the students. This experience was really enjoyable and made everyone culturally aware of the differences between Chinese schools and Australian schools. The students varied in their level of the English language and knowledge but they were all highly respectful and all had a smile on their face.

After lunch back at Utahloy, we looked at the bees and worm farms on the property which taught us how bees are important to the environment and the worms help clean our soil.

Bee Keeping

That night we watched a traditional Chinese doctor demonstrate some of his traditional medicine practices. He used massage, acupuncture and cupping on some of the staff here. It was also interesting.

Overall, the day was really fantastic and enlightened everyone’s experience here in China.

By Finlay and Travis