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9999 Steep Steps - Rory

Today we went on a hike up one of China’s most iconic waterfalls. It was a beautiful waterfall with exactly 9999 steep steps. We only went up about 4000, but there still was an amazing view. It was a great feeling when we made it to the point that we stopped, and it was when we knew that all of those steps were worth it for the view. I was up front for most of the climb, with a few others, and we were chatting and cheering each other on.

Before we started the hike, we passed through some markets. All of the markets were selling a wide range of strange things, from plastic toys, to gutted duck carcasses. There were even some bags of very large wasps. It was definitely one of the stranger places we have been to on this trip. The highlight of the day was definitely taking that final step to where we stopped and began admiring the view.

That’s all for today,