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Making New Friends - Dinner with Students at the Chinese School - Lili

Tonight was a big adventure for us. We went to eat dinner and interact with the students from a Chinese School of 3000 students. I felt really lucky to have been given this opportunity because I know it’s something that’s rarely experienced. As we arrived, I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the smiling faces. All of these Chinese students were so intrigued and delighted to see us as we are fluent English speakers and learning English is a main priority for them. When we first met them they were incredibly friendly and wanted to get photos with us all. I spoke to one of the 16 year old girls named Bobo and she only gets 4 visitors per year so she was pretty excited to see us. She was especially kind and generous, giving myself and Bree some of her food and writing nice postcards for me to take home. I was really surprised that I could easily speak to these people I had never met in my life. It helped knowing that they were really interested in what I had to say but it was a lot less complex than I expected. Saying goodbye to all the lovely students was a real struggle, but luckily we still get another opportunity to see them again.

Lili W.