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Project Work in the Utahloy Library and Dinner at ZengCheng No 1 High School - Ronan

Today we did project work in the Utahloy library for the morning and then went for a walk in the afternoon. We then started our touch rugby program where we volunteered to help teach some of the boarders how to play. But the highlight today was tonight when we went to the local high school, ZengCheng No 1 High School and had a look around the place. We were introduced to many friendly new people who showed us where to go and what to do and included us in all of their activities. We spent the first hour doing fun games and activities to help develop their English then our group went upstairs to their canteen for a meal. This was soon followed by numerous photos with the students who were quite shocked by our ages (thinking we were 17 and not 15). We all received post cards and gifts, even lollies but one of the girls I sat next to gave me a present which was a bag of food that I haven’t opened yet, as it is written in Chinese. Today was a really fun and enjoyable day and I hope the next 4 weeks are the same.

Ronan P.