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My Day as Student Leader - Jayden

Today as student leader we completed numerous activities that involved us as a student group to go beyond the duty of call. We firstly had to gather our bearings and make our way around the school in orienteering. This brought small groups even closer together. The next activity used those groups to drop and egg from our fourth story rooms without the egg from breaking. This was both challenging and fun. In the afternoon after another great lunch, we had to complete a group scenario whereby we had to rescue a fellow student from the middle of a lake and bring them to a safe zone via a homemade stretcher. The final activity for the day involved us having to trust our group in a trust fall activity. We basically free fell from a 1 metre tall BBQ backwards into the arms of our peers. This was extremely difficult to get our head around and yet, we all managed to do it. It was an enjoyable day focused on teamwork.

Jayden L.