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Finishing painting the classroom doors at the local Zengcheng primary school - Jake and Taylah

Hello, our names are Jake and Taylah, and we were the student leaders for today. Today we went back to the local Zengcheng primary school to finish painting the classroom doors. We all painted a design that was selected by students back at Alpine. We really enjoyed working together to finish the door and make the primary school a more colourful and enjoyable learning space.

Our Painted Doors

When we returned to Utahloy we were happy to see our new teachers for the remaining two weeks. We greeted Miss Winter, Mr Hill, Miss Wright, and Mr Clhlebna and said our farewells to Miss Barton, Mr Pike, Mr Porter, and Mr And Mrs Michie.

In the afternoon we saw a traditional Chinese Lion Dance. It was very loud, energetic, and different to our own dancing style back in Australia.

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Later in the evening we had our own talent show that was held in the AV room of the primary school. We came to realise just how talented others in our group are and just how supportive the whole group is. Overall we had a very positive and enjoyable day and we are looking forward to the remaining two weeks of this amazing China experience.

Jake K and Taylah