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Reflections on Alpine Campus’s Local Learning Project (LLP) Day with Omeo Primary School
Written by Administrator   

Today was the Alpine Campus’s Local Learning Project (LLP) Day with Omeo Primary school. Half of Omeo Primary School’s 40-something kids came here to do 20 minute workshops with our students. The workshops had to be on something to do with the local environment or wildlife. The Alpine School Campus students all worked in groups of three to make the workshops. We had four lessons to come up with an idea, plan the lessons and activities and complete all of the work. It was a very successful day and I think that the Omeo kids, as well as the Alpine kids, had a great time.

My name is Morgan and today for my LLP (along with Amelia and Joy) I ran a lesson about Introduced Species. I really enjoyed the entire experience of choosing a topic and then planning the lessons. I am also really glad that I chose a group that I ended up working really well with. For the lesson we first made sure that the kids knew what an Introduced Species is so the rest of the lesson would make sense, then we played a game where three teams of ‘Introduced Species’ would have to take resources (tennis balls) from the team of native animals. After we played the game we each talked about one introduced species found around here (fox, rabbit and deer) then we made chatterboxes and decorated them like a fox, deer or rabbit. I think that my presentation went really well and I think I accomplished my goal of being confident when talking and doing my presentation.
- By Morgan Griffiths

My name is Elias and today we ran lessons about Brumbies. Overall it was a really good day for us, I was in a group with Fletch and Dom. When making this lesson I actually learnt a lot about Brumbies. In our lesson we had a page of facts and a few games. We set it out so we did:

  • Intro
  • Game (Ollie Ollie octopus)
  • Facts
  • Game (Scarecrow Tiggy)
  • More facts

We set it out like that so that the kids could have time to listen to the boring stuff and then even it out with the fun games. The way the games related to our lesson was that we actually changed the name, so instead of Ollie Ollie octopus, it was Barry Barry Brumby and instead of Scarecrow Tiggy it was Brumby Roundup. I really enjoyed the day it was really fun.
- By Elias Lanyon

I’m Josie and today Sean, Athina and I talked to the kids about Alpine Huts, specifically JB Hut. We had a PowerPoint presentation, a talk and a craft activity. We had four sessions to plan our presentation before the big day. The most popular thing we did with the kids was crafting, the kids had to go outside and collect leaves, twigs and grass etc. to stick onto their paper hut, they then got to name the hut. We had two 20 minute sessions to give the kids one of the best sessions of the day. Overall it was a very successful and interesting day.
- By Josie Carrigg

Hi my name is Finn, I did a class on wombats for LLP. In this class we first did a treasure hunt to find map pieces out behind the basketball courts. Once the students had found all the maps pieces that they needed they put them together. Then we went down an old track off the drive way to this little area where there was two trees that had fallen down, so we sat there to tell them some info about wombats like their diet, behavior and where they live. Then we showed them another wombat hole that was bigger. After that we walked back up to the school and gave them all a picture to take home with them.
- By Finn Clayton


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