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Alpine Student Life + VYLC 2014

Term 1 2009



Rest Day Activities

Last Rest DayToday is our last all school rest day of the whole program. We decided we wanted to make the most of it. So we organised to have a soccer match on the ski slope. We all dressed up in bright sporty clothes. We had a match and played first to 5. We had two teams, team C and team R. In the end team R won by two points.  It was heaps of fun but eventually we had to come in for lunch.

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Expo 2 - Parkdale SC & Bright P-12

Expo Team 1AOn the 13th of March, 1A set off for their 3 day expo. On the first day we got driven to Mt. Loch car park, and started our walk. Each day we had to walk 10km. On the first day we walked 10km to reach Blair’s Hut. We left at around 9:30am to 10:00am, and got to the hut around 4:00pm. I really enjoyed the walk, it was very tiring, but it was great.

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Cool Summer Festival

Cool Summer Festival, Dinner PlainHey everyone, my name is Maddy, I go to Parkdale Secondary College. While being at the Alpine School I have done a lot, but my most favourite thing I have done since being at the Alpine School is the Cool Summer Festival. The Cool Summer Festival was a music festival run over 3 days held at Dinner Plain.

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