Alpine Student Life 2017

Alpine Student Life + VYLC 2014

Term 4 2010
Only 12 days left of Alpine School.

Only 12 days left of Alpine School. How sad.

Today, 1A and 2B are on Expo, so which left 1B and 2A at the campus. 1B went to Livingstone Creek Park in Omeo and did Water Journey. Water Journey is water testing!

With all the other expo groups out, 2A had the whole building to themselves. Miss Hannah cooked us an awesome lunch of bacon, egg and pancakes!!!!! While 1B had a BBQ lunch of Sausages, eggs, bacon, onion and tofu. Obviously 2A had a much better lunch.

This afternoons class for 2A was centred around inventing new things, it was called Innovations – I can do this. 1B on the other hand, was looking at the insects in the valley, after that went to the Omeo Water Hole, only a 1 minute walk from the Valley, and swam for about half an hour. Then drove back to the campus. Due to the lack of people here at school we had our music playing non-stop all day and duties were a communal thing with everyone helping out and filling in for the 1B duty groups who were out.

Not long now till the end of the term and get to see our parents and get to say good-bye to TAS! That’s all for now.

 By Krystal W and Fischer R

White Water Rafting
Today 1A and 1B went white water rafting on the Mitta Mitta River. People were scared at the start but once we got into it they ended up enjoying it so much. People flipped the raft at the waterfall. It was entertaining to watch because some people were saying “they are going to flip the raft” and they did. We freaked out so much after watching them going downstream. Everyone was in such a rush to help them and we were all freaking out so much, but no one got hurt and they are all okay. After the waterfall, we did not have long to go and once we got to the final bridge, we did not want to stop because it was so much fun.

By Cody