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Term 4 2011
Reaching New Heights

Expo was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever been faced with. Before we left on expo I didn’t believe in myself, I doubted that I could even lift up my heavy pack let alone go hiking for two days and staying in the bush overnight. Once we arrived at the start of our expo journey, I became quite determined to do my best. The atmosphere of the group at the start was quite negative but as the day played out, spirits started rising and the team became a lot closer to one another and pushed our limits.

The first day presented a few stacks by multiple people including myself but not once did anyone say they give up; we all would just get back onto our feet and keep marching on.

Arriving at camp was quite exciting for the group as we were all exhausted, we then quickly set up our tents and cooked our meals. Soon enough it was dark so we all sat around the fire and had a review of the day before having some marshmallows before bed.

Expo Team ...Reaching New heights ...

Day two was a great day for 1A, there was enthusiasm in the air, and we all walked with a steady pace and encouraged each other to stick together. The group seemed to be going at a very quick pace until ‘Dead Timber Hill’. Dead Timber Hill for me and quite a few other people was the hardest thing we have ever had been confronted with. In my view the hill was more of a mountain! The group struggled up it but through our own pain and exhaustion the group became even closer and started encouraging and supporting each team member as they walked. When the whole team reached the top of the hill it was a very proud moment for everyone! The last few kilometres of expo were pretty steady. It was such an exciting moment when we reached the school.

I never thought I would be able to go on a two day hike with a 20+kg bag on my back, but as Alpine is teaching me; nothing is impossible.

By Kate S.

Week One Adventures
Week 1 Adventures Term 4 2011