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Grace and Theo Become Tradies for the Day Painting Doors at the Local Primary School

The Team - Painting doors at the local primary school

G`day. Today we all became tradies and painted 16 doors between the 43 of us at one of the local primary schools. We planned to do some designs on each of the doors but didn’t have enough time because we had to sand them back and do two coats of blue paint and they took forever to dry, because it was cold and raining with no sun. We had some English speaking music pumping through the speakers in the class rooms and everyone was singing and dancing. It was so much fun and you couldn’t wipe the smile off the Primary School Principal’s face, which was nice. A few local Chinese teachers families visited along with and the kids which was cute and they loved playing with us. We played table tennis and had lunch whilst the paint dried which is a bit like ‘watching grass grow’. After we finished the second coat, we then started packing up and had a bit of fun with the paint. We said our goodbyes and caught the bus home. For the afternoon class, we went to the library in the Utahloy High School building and did some preparation work on our projects.

Hard at work - sanding and painting the doors at the local primary school

That’s all for today.

PS. We are off to Pak Lap in Hong Kong on Sunday (tomorrow) so parents don’t be expecting reply’s to your emails for the next few days.

Lots of Love Grace and Theo xo