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Exploring Caves and the Town of Yangshuo

For the first morning in Yangshuo we had breakfast at a local restaurant before leaving for our caving adventure. While Core Group 2 did orienteering around the streets of Yangshuo, Core Group 1 went to blue moon cave and explored the caves beneath the mountain. We were taught many useful things about rock formations like stalagmites and stalactites and the way caves are formed, we hiked up stairs which lead us to a mud pool in which we all hopped in and got covered in mud then moving on we walked through the river that flowed through the cave to the top exit. After reaching the end we had a short hike back to the start and we all cleaned off in the freshwater pool.

Caving at Yangshuo

After changing into clean clothes Group 2 joined us for lunch at the cave. We took the bus back to the hotel before heading out for orienteering through Yangshuo. We were given a quest that involved finding different places and things around the city. We split up into groups and set off to explore. Some of the groups (including us) shopped whilst doing the actual set task, but we answered most questions. We also ate a delicious traditional Chinese dinner at the local restaurant, before going to the light show performance on the river. The light show was really enjoyable even though we couldn’t understand the singing.

The whole day was really good and we all had lots of fun exploring both caves and the town of Yangshuo.

Cassie & Mikki