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Rest Day Term 3
Today was our 3rd rest day. We created a proposal to have a sleep in, till 7.30am. After this we were able to choose an activity that we wanted to participate in. Some of the activities that we were able to choose from consisted of Cooking, Seeing the Brumbies, Skiing, Going to Omeo and lots more.

I decided on going to Omeo to play golf and watch the local footy. There were approximately 20 people that went. When we first got to Omeo we kicked the footy at the golf course for a bit and had a bit of a game, which was really fun. We then had lunch which was good and then proceeded to the Omeo Football Oval. We watched the Seniors Team play, while watching I really felt that I was back at home. It was something that I found familiar. The highlight of my day was eating lunch. We received a piece of cake and had rolls with peanut butter.

During the rest day, I decided to help a couple of the girls in the kitchen. We made Chocolate Ripple Cake, Home-Made Pasties, Burritos and Raspberry-White Choc Muffins. It was really fun to do an interesting activity without having to get all of our snow gear on!

In the afternoon we went for a walk down to Carmichael Falls. It was really beautiful to see the surrounds in an alpine environment. However it was a really challenging walk coming back to the Alpine School, with all of those hills and rocks. Over all I had a great Rest Day! My original plan was to go skiing; however there isn’t enough snow at the present. Hopefully there is enough snow to go skiing on the next rest day.

By Amina and Hayden