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SnowElysia's student blog on skiing!

Today after class, people that wanted to, all went up to the ski slope. Again. And as usual anyone who puts on a pair of skis always has a really great time.I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with someone after we’ve been skiing whether in class or after class and they’ve hated it. I mean it’s the best thrill ever!! If it’s down at the slope or cross country doesn’t matter. I personally love downhill skiing. If you would call it that considering it’s just on the slope. Tomorrow everyone goes downhill skiing though and I really can’t wait!!!

Expo group 1AWhat most people find great about skiing is the going downhill without even pushing yourself along! All you do is lean one way or the other and off you go! I love how you can gilde along by pushing yourself with the ski poles.

I got one of my friends to film me going down today. Or at least she tried to because all I saw was her finger on the lenses! But the point is I really want to have proof that I can actually do it because in about 2 years time you probably won’t be able to tell I was ever a skier!! I really want to get good and stay good so if ever I come up to the snow to ski again I will be a total ace!!

Heaps of people really enjoy it out on the slope. I know for a fact that if people aren’t feeling anxious about getting their ski card all ticked off, they're memorising the responsibility code OR they're practising on the slope. Why wouldn’t you want to get on the ski wagon???