Alpine Lessons - Photography
 PhotographyDuring their stay at Alpine, students have the privilege of attending photography classes with acclaimed Australian photographer David Tatnall.

David Tatnall is renowned for his luminous images of the Australian landscape. His photographs have achieved iconic status as emblems of successful Australian nature conservation battles. He has been awarded a Life Time Contribution Award by Parks Victoria, and an Honorary Life Membership of the Victorian National Parks Association for his lasting influence on nature conservation in Victoria through photography.

Within his photography lessons, David gives an introduction into the art form of nature photography and discusses its influential role in Australian political change. David displays a number of his own personal masterpieces and cites examples from his background to support this discussion.

Students are then given an opportunity to learn how to use our manual Vivitar SLR cameras in an interactive photography session with David. Through exploring a range of wide angle and macro shooting techniques, the students gain an in-depth understanding of the local environment and how it can be interpreted and understood through photography.

David Tatnall's website can be viewed at:

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