Alpine Lessons - Raft Building
Raft BuildingRaft building day is based around teamwork and skills learnt throughout the term. The students are given small clues to navigate their way around the dredge hole at Harrietville on a raft they build.

Students will be asked to build a raft to collect the “treasure chest”. Students will be able to get dressed up as Pirates for the day. Students will be asked to complete tasks to gain a piece of the treasure map. To gain the first two pieces of the map pirates need to design and construct two rafts in teams, which are strong and safe enough to transport a crew. If the rafts ferry people across to the destination without anyone falling in, students will get the other two pieces of map, leading them to the hidden treasure. When the rafts are built, each team of students is provided with a quarter of the pirates map and a pirate flag which they are to keep dry. Follow map to treasure site and enjoy!

This day happens at the end of term and allows students;

  • To see how far they have progressed since bridge building day
  • To value that others may have different but usable ideas for situations
  • Plan as a group, stick to a plan or look at the processes of how and why the plan was changed
  • To get everyone to contribute
  • Work on communication skills.