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10 Year Anniversary Guestbook

School for Student Leadership is 10 years old this year, and to celebrate we are seeking memories from past students, families, parents, carers, staff, teachers from home schools, anyone who has been touched by our program.... from all campus’s to share here.

What was your favourite thing at SSL – Expos? Bike riding? Staff? Roommates? What was it like being away, or having your child away, or making a new friend, or completing your CLP....Tell us about your time at SSL, what are you favourite moments and lessons, tell us about your memories.

Don't forget to include the term and year you were at a SSL Campus.

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  1. The term I spent at the Alpine School is one that I will never forget. It is something every student who has the chance should take part in!
    The teachers were wonderful, the classes were so diverse and the friends you made were for life.

    Thanks Alpine School for an unforgettable time! :-D
  2. woo go alpine
  3. I am at the alpine school now. it is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love it, and I dont think I will want to leave in 5 weeks. :)
  4. The time i spent at the alpine school was simply amazing , i made great friendships and had a blast at the expos we did :-)
    One of the memories i will never forget was when i dropped thalias sunnies in the drop dunnie haha and when gus was filming thalia trying to get them out. :-D
    The teachers made the time really fun and wanting to do more , also my room mate elani , she was funny and i enjoyed living in a room with her for 9 weeks.:P
    I did get really homesick for most of it:'( , but everyone there was so nice and kind and made me feel better after a while.
    I had fun in the snow :) skiing was really fun and i never thought I would ever be able to do it but I can ski so I'm happy:-D
    It was the best experience I ever did 8-)
  5. From a parent's point of view, it was a daunting experience because I entrusted the care of my son, Chris McConnell, into strangers. But it was absolutely BRILLIANT, with the care and experiences he has grown with. It was going from one family to another family. It was challenging with limited communication but WE all grew and are stronger for the experience. THANKS!!
  6. We have been fortunate to have both our daughters attend SSL. Amelia Beardmore at Alpine School in 2008 and Kaitlin Beardmore at Gnurad Gundidj in 2009. Both girls benefited immeasurably and have developed important and lasting friendships as a result of the experience. In fact, Kaitlin will be completing her Year 10 work experience at one of the 'country schools' in attendance during her Term and staying with one of her fellow students. A lovely opportunity to further develop friendships and experiences outside of those normally offered. We missed them enormously during their time away, however we're very aware of how much they learned, how self sufficient and willing to 'back themselves' they've become and how tolerant and flexible the experience has encouraged them to be. We appreciate the experiences our girls had during their time away and know they do too.
  7. How totally awesome is the whole Alpine School experience. I have had two sons attend Dinner Plain (James and Sam), and have been the liasion teacher for three other groups. The outcomes for those students have been ongoing and include personal growth, acceptance of their strengths and weaknesses and the ability to maximise opportunities that are presented, plus CLPs that include the establishment of a community gym, garden renovations in the historical parts of the town, a community mural, two walking tracks, and now teaching with a first year out student who is the best advocate for the whole program. Lets hope that the program can continue to expand (we do have kids lining up from year 7 wanting to get involved) and that eventually a SSL will be established at Rainbow (offer is still there).Keep up the great work folks.
  8. 6 what seems very very long years ago I attended the Alpine School and finally 2 weeks ago we had our first reunion. Almost half of our group ventured to Warrnambool, some who hadnt seen each other since TAS.
    I had the most amazing time at TAS and the friend I made wil; be with me forever. Many of us live here in Warrnambool and catch up regularly.
    In 2009 my sister attend SRC and had a great time. Her group was much more organised than us and had their first reunion in December. Many of her group are now on student exchange, mostly in europe. A similar stories to my group.
    Many thanks to TAS for encouraging us to explore the world. May the next 10 years be as successful :)
  9. It is great to see that this school is still changing students lives! i thoroughly enjoyed myself at TAS and still discuss memories with my fellow students. The expos are something that i had never experienced before and probably will never experience again. It is amazing the amount one person can grow and learn at this school.
    Congratulations on reaching 10 years and all the best for the future!
  10. We both attended the Dinner Plain campus in term 2 2009, and since then have missed it very much. We learn't so much from this amazing experience and it has changed us both a lot. It taught us independence and threw us way out of our comfort zones. And best of all it brought our friendship together which is still very strong :-) Alpine School is something we will never forget, and it is by far the best experience in our lives to date.
  11. The alpine school is amazing. The only bad thing is that we have to leave eventually. I will leave the alpine school but the alpine school will never leave me!:-)
  12. The Alpine School changed my life. I still remember an overwhelming amount of encouragement from everyone around me. It made a huge impact in my life and helped me become my own person. I have very vivid memories that will never leave me, from the camaraderie in my friendships and to the challenging expeditions. One of my favourite memories will always be capture the flag in the snow. OOOHH and the dinner nights at Dinner Plain. Man it was the best... can I re-enroll? I wanna go back.

    It's been 8 years... how time flies.

    - John Lingard
  13. I had sooooo much fun at the alpine school and i will never forget the friends i made there. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!:-D
  14. What a great experience and idea the Alpine School is. Being involved in the very first Alpine school term, was not only fun, educating and exciting, it was a time in my life that allowed me to grow, develope an identity away from home and learn about myself as an individual. It gave me more of a passion for the outdoor lifestyle and lead me to career in teaching.

    There isnt one moment that stands out better than the others at the Alpine School, however the opening of the school was such a special day to all invovled.

    Other memories that I will never forget would be the first time I experienced snow, building an igloo, camping in the snow, the friends that I still keep in contact and completing a project that was based on improving my own community.

    I hope that everyone that has entered the Alpine School doors feels the same as I do, we are the lucky ones to be have experienced this!
  15. Wow, what an experience!! i still look band on the fond memories Alpine school gave me, the teachers, the friends we all made! it truly was a euphorical life changing experience!!! Alpine helped shape me into who i am today and i thanks you for that!!! reunion anyone?? hehe
  16. the time i had spent at alpine school was the most amazing 9 weeks of my life! i will never forget the people and the memories i shared. there was never a dull moment and nothing has yet topped the experience i have had and probably never will i do believe that the alpine school has given me wings just like mr davies said it would and i can now reach higher limits and explore the unexplored. i already miss it so much and i have only been away from the alpine school for three weeks:-) i feel so lucky to have been able to experience this along with 43 other people and i hope everyone else who attends alpine school feels the same way as i do its not everyday you get to go underground caving bridge building riding 43 km to omeo or even be in the same situation you are in at that very moment with the same 43 people.:-)
  17. The time i spent at Alpine School was the best time of my life. Although our time was cut short due to fires in the area:'(, we still had the time of our lives! Our first task was the bridge building exercise with some people whom we had only know for a day. Our group (1B) had to create a bridge using wooden poles and rope and cross a creek, without getting wet! We succeeded! Expo was AWESOME!! Our group got up at 5am to try and get the best photo of the sun rising. We recently had another reunion (4 years after leaving TAS) and it was the best feeling seeing everyone again:-). I would love to thank all the staff that gave me the chance to attened TAS and I would love to catch up with you all!
  18. Congrats on making 10 years. I loved my 9 weeks at Alpine school.
    Great to see another 2002 post here. Trudi Cook.
    Hopefully the school can go for another 10 years!!
  19. Alpine school was defiently the best experience of my life, not to mention the friends and the family i have gained from it! We have such a bond that still 5 years on we can see each other once every 2 years and still feel like we only saw each other yesterday. The skills and the experiences i had i still refer back and reference to the trips i did there. It is something that if i could i would go over and over and over again. the teachers and the students are amazing. if you get a chance to experience what the alpine school has to offer, take it up! you will never regret it. :)
  20. The Alpine School was the best thing i have ever experienced in my life!! The people i met will be friends for life and everything i did up there i will never forget. I never even thought that the experience would be lyk it was. I think about T.A.S everyday and i miss it alot but i no im lucky because there are alot of people that avn't or won't attend this amazing place!!
  21. the alpine school was amazing, it made me realise what i wanted to do with my life. i was asked what my main goal was in life and i said to join the army as a helicopter pilot in the AUS army that has changed a bit i have now moved to the UK to join the british army and i am training for my dreams but if im honest my training began in term3 2008.
  22. The Alpine School was a world of it's own. Sure there was alot of up's and down's and maybe even some mixed feelings about people but overall the group of people up there; the student, teachers & over night staff were truly amazing and very supportive. I think every single person changed when we left the Alpine School, for the better.
    The hardest part about the Alpine School would've been; well for me not playing netball. Although the whole thing was acutally pretty hard but that's when you had to try and not give up.
    I learnt a whole lot whilst i was at the Alpine School, not only about leadership but who i was and what that meant.
    I'm so thankful for everything the staff did for me, it's truly appreciated.
    I'll never forget the Alpine School and I hope you never forget me. :-)
  23. :'( nissing it i have been away for about 6 weeks
  24. I loved it, TAS was simply amazing. I can remember every single detail, every trivial thing that happened, but what stands out most to me was second expo.
    I remember I complained a lot that I wanted so much to go back to the campus rather than spend the whole time in the snow. However, my teacher encouraged me so much to continue on, as did the rest of my team, and I tried my very best and gave it my all. Turns out I really had fallen ill. Was a dreadful cold and I felt horrible for days. But I didn't regret continuing with the expo and not giving up.
    That expo taught me a very important lesson, to never give up something I've committed myself to. Even if I find that there wasn't the pot of gold at the end that I'd been expecting, there's still always something gained from putting your all into a task. That's something from my TAS experience that never left me.
    The staff were brilliant, and along with the students, they were all like family. The Alpine School was truly an unforgettable experience
  25. Hey Guys :) I was at TAS a looonnggg time ago but I still remember the memories like they were just yesteday. During my time at TAS I learnt so much about myself, I made friends that I will never forget. The classes were so amazing and I done things there that I will never forget. From the moment I came home from Alpine School my life has never been the same. Thankyou guys so much for everything you did for me and everything I took away from TAS. Much Love Emily. x
  26. Thanks for all the great memories, opportunities & the awsome friends!
    The Alpine School has open my eyes to a lot in life & taught me many lessons. For a city kid who had never seen snow, gone camping and hiking, I had an absolute blast. Rock on to all the staff, volunteers and those who give up their time to give back.
  27. Alpine School was so amazing. I was so happy i told my parents about it and they really encouraged me to go. I thought i was going to hate it. We were driving up the driveway to Alpine and I wanted to go back. I was amazed that after one day, i loved Alpine School and i didnt want to go back home. During that whole nine weeks, i loved every single day, and im wishing that i could go back and do it all again. I made so many new friends. 43 to be exact, and i learnt so many new things. I loved the unique environment and also the atomosphere. So happy i could go to the alpine school and i will treasure it for ever
  28. 7 years on and I still have contact with my Alpine buddies.
    A time I will never forget and the things I've learned from it will never leave me.

    Thankyou for making me a better person!
  29. The Alpine School is an experience I don't think you can understand until you have experienced yourself. For me, the Alpine School has not only help me become a better leader, but built a foundation for me to strive in life.
    The other 44 kids that attended my term are still my best friends, and although it may take 9 hours to visit each other, the hours we travel to see each other don't matter when you get to spend time together. I think for us, the hardest thing was not trying to stay in contact, it was waiting until we meet again.
    The staff at TAS are the definition of amazing. Their dedication is something I hugely appreciate. Thankyou all for making me a better person. Even if The Alpine School experience was only as half as amazing as it was, it would still be twice as amazing as any other experience I have ever undertaken. I'll be back one day to visit!
  30. The Alpine School is something I will never forget. Not only the school, but the staff and my fellow peers have all impacted on my life in some way or another. Why else am I on the website checking out whats going on these days!?
    TAS has helped me to become a better and bigger person on the inside and out. The leadership skills that I learnt here I have taken with me everywhere I go. It is such a fantastic way to get young kids to participate in and help out their fellow community. It is such a rare thing and is most certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The friends I made there with the students and staff will always be a special bond that we hold close to our hearts. So thank you The alpine school for having such a fantastic impact upon my life! ;-)
  31. The alpine school changed a lot for me, when i first arrived there i was an average leader and i was scared to take risks. I got back to school it was hard to adjust back into normal life, but that was expected. Now that i have left Alpine School i have become a better leader and i am now taking responsible risks, I am currently trying to apply for another leadership program, it is something i would have never thought to do but because of TAS I am taking the next step to become a better leader.
  32. THe Alpine school was probably the best experience of my life i loved every minute of it especially the things i learnt and the friends i made.even still i tell people about wat it waz like and the activities we got to do. my favourite activity we did waz most deffenitly cave exploring and my most proud waz the bike ride to omeo. will deffinitly come and visit soon hopefully :-) xox
  33. i loved the Alpine school it changed me and made me a better leader and a better person
    i will never forgret the expos and the teachers and the way i i loved it so much. The Alpine school is a fantastic school that i was so luckly to attend.

    good work guys the staff are the best.:-)
  34. when do we get the group photos??? :)
  35. There has not been an experience in my life so far that has surpassed nor equalled my time spent at the Alpine School. This program can change people and that is exactly what it did for me. I see my life and my prospects very differently simply due to the humble 9 week journey I undertook. I made friends who I now hold very dear and I have memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Alpine School was a special place for me, it almost seems like a dream now. What I enjoyed most was the time I spent learning from others, be it my fellow students, the mentors, the teachers or guest speakers. I hope to see the Alpine School have the same impact on young people in another 10, 20 even 50 years. Happy 10 year Anniversary!

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