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Term 2 2010



The Snow at the Alpine School

The past week we are starting to experience snow falling at the dinner plain region at the moment the last time there was snow up at the alpine school was on the first group’s expo who got to wake up in a small bit of snow. Myself and the rest of 2B got to walk through it on the way to our camp site.

We are expecting more snow to fall this week with the temperature falling under -1 so the students at the school at the moment are really excited to have found out this morning that there is snow on its way to the Alpine School. With snow brings really cold weather also so it will start to get reasonably colder than what most people are used to back from where they live.

By Trent




My time at the alpine school

My time at the alpine school is:

Doing new things like expo. It was good setting up the tent and cooking our  food.  I liked doing the bike ride and safe food handing. I have made nice friend’s at my school and I like doing it. I had fun looking at Feathertop and being with friends.  I have learnt in my CLP how to save people. I like my time here.

from Michelle F




Mt Feathertop Walk

feathertop-t2-2010Yesterday on our rest day, a group of 17 students and 2 teachers set off to attempt the 22k Mount Feathertop walk.

Normally an overnight or 2 day walk, we had to leave at 7.30 to allow enough time to complete the hike.  The whole walk was filled with amazing scenery, but the very top of Mount Feathertop was the most amazing view I have ever seen.


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Open Day

Today was the open day for the tenth anniversary of The Alpine School.

It was so nerve racking being a student leader today. In the morning when we first spoke to the student leaders at the other campuses, on the HD TV, it was awkward.

As the day went on being a student leader got so much easier. I wasn’t shy in public speaking. When it came time that everyone had to do their bit for the open day it was fun helping others set up. But, at 1.00pm Bryce and I had to do a speech in front of not only the student at our campus but in front of all the campuses and guests via the HD TV. I was a lot more confident when I spoke and we had a well planned speech so that made it a lot easier.

After we did our speech, I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and achieving one of my individual learning goals. Overall I had a fantastic day today and I’m glad I was student leader today of all days.

By Simone




Today in the afternoon class we did what’s called Rogaine, which is an orientation so we could get to know dinner plain and our way around.

We put ourselves into teams of 4 or 5 and then we were given a map, compass and instructions to find certain markers that had been placed around dinner plain that were on the map. Once my group had found our first marker there was a clip which we were to mark on the score sheet to say that we had found it.

We were given points for each marker we found and the group that had the most points in the end WON! My team (Team A) came 2nd with 155 points, I think that our team did well but you can’t always win! Today was a good day along side with the open day.

By Bryce
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