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My highlight for today was building the massive ball out in the snow with everyone. It started off as a normal sized snow ball, but it ended up needing at least eight people to roll it over to its next side. Snow is awesome!!! Everyone gets along so good now, I feel like I'm already a part of a big family. We’re closing in on parenting weekend end now, and I hardly even miss my family yet. I mean of course it’s going to be good to see them but... you know. Anyway I had a great time to today, as usual!

My highlight of today was going outside in the snow with everyone and walking around dinner plain with a few of my friends that I have made here, it feels like I have known these people all my life. You don’t have much time to miss your family because you have a busy day and your always around others and talking I do miss them but activities distract you from it all. The snow at the moment is about knee deep which is pretty cool a part from when you sink into it.

We both had the video conference with Snowy River and Gnurad today. That was... interesting. Everything has started to run really smoothly around campus. We’re both so lucky to be here and to have been given this opportunity. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are, that’s why we think it’s so important to sit down and reflect, because once you write down all the amazing things you’ve done you really start to see how much we should cherish every moment of this experience.

By Maximilan and Ellen