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My Alpine Experience

Well Alpine has been something that I have noticed that within 3 weeks has changed my perspectives on life, me, family and just everything I look at.

The last couple of weeks there have been little fights between the girls and the guys but it has brought us all closer together and I know that for a 100% fact because it has brought my CLP team gradually closer.

I have been writing letters to my family and friends and emailing them too and though I miss them so much, by keeping in contact with them it makes me feel much more supported and like I can do it and I will.

I love this school because it is full of the environment, the nature and a lot of fitness  - on Friday the 8th of May we did a 16 km walk up massive steep hills to see table top mountain. And then the next day, May 9th it was a rest day and 18 students including myself did a 40 km bike ride to Omeo. The hills were massive and it took a long time but out of it all it was amazing and a fantastic experience and when I returned back to the school I felt great because I had accomplished something that I had hoped to accomplish.

Today I packed for our first camp expo for tomorrow. I am quite nervous because of the fact of having to do my toilet business in amongst the open land. But you know this is a learning experience and at some point or another when your stuck in the bush or the cars conked out in the middle of nowhere you need to know how to pee in the bush and even though it sounds simple it isn’t that easy.

I was really happy because this year I am turning 15 and am old enough to get a job and by being at Alpine I have received a food handling certificate and a CPR certificate for level 1. This is great because it gives you more of a wider opportunity and a larger range of choices and higher level of acceptance. I have been working hard on my CLP which is to unite the generations of young and old and I am very amazed with the paths I have followed and the stories and adventures it has lead me to.

I am extremely happy and excited to be at Alpine and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have made some amazing friends that I hope to keep in contact with after Alpine.  Well I better be going but thanks for reading.

Sincerely Demi H

Bella, Jacqui, Me! (Demi), Alex, Zoe, Emma