Alpine Student Life 2017

Alpine Student Life + VYLC 2014



Community Service

Rubbish CollectorsToday Alpine Students got into four different groups and helped out the community in some way.

The four groups that you could choose from to help the community were: seed removal, rubbish removal from local huts, going down to Omeo to have a chat with the elders and rubbish removal from Dinner Plain.

In seed removal we walked down away from the school about 3kms and found different kinds of trees that we could get seedlings off, we broke a branch off then got all the seeds off that branch; the seeds will later be used for revegetation around this area.

Rubbish removal students collected 18kgs all up of rubbish around Dinner Plain and around the huts. The students that went down to the old folk’s home had a ball sharing stories and photos with the old people. The community service ran from 9.00am until 11.30 and we all learnt something new from today.

By Zoe B.