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Being Sick...

Being sick isn’t always fun is it? Well for the past two days I’ve been sick. It isn’t all that bad though, you have most of the girls in your dorms coming to check up on you every now and then and then you have the teachers too, so you’re pretty well taken care of. You get up for breakfast and then stay till headcount. After headcount you hear Mrs Brown call out “MEDICATIONS”! So off you go for your Panadol and Strepsils. The Strepsils taste yummy! A lemon flavour. After a while you know the Panadol is working because your feeling better.

After all of this I went back to bed and sat in there doing a bit of work I needed to catch up on because I couldn’t sleep. Then eventually its morning tea. I ate an apple instead of cake, thought it might be better if I do. Then off to bed it is again. Whilst all of this is going on you’re still getting all the love from the girls coming into your room making sure everything is ok. The guys are good too, whenever you go out to eat or re-fill your water bottle some of them ask how you are and that’s really good. So it’s pretty much the same for lunch, except you stay out a little longer. When I went back to bed I got so much sleep! About 4 hours, so that made me refreshed.

But the best thing about being up here at TAS whilst being sick, is that you know you can rely on people to help you because the people up here have respect for one another and we are all really close, that’s something I’ll really miss.

By Jacqui T