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Rest Day Activities

Rest Day - Soccer team!Today is our last all school rest day of the whole program.

We decided we wanted to make the most of it. So we organised to have a soccer match on the ski slope. We all dressed up in bright sporty clothes. We had a match and played first to 5. We had two teams, team C and team R. In the end team R won by two points. 

It was heaps of fun but eventually we had to come in for lunch.


Rest Day tennis

Rest Day

Rest day tennisAfter lunch we thought we should do something else so we went and played tennis.

We all tried to dress up in tennis looking clothes, which meant for us girls dresses. There are two courts so we had a game of singles and a game of doubles. After a while we got over it so we just mucked around and had a hit. It was heaps of fun.

It was an awesome way to spend rest day, it got us active and we also socialised with others and it was really fun!

Michaela, Yarrawonga Secondary College