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Expo 2 - Parkdale SC & Bright P-12

Expo 1A - Parkdale SC & Bright P-12Parkdale Secondary College and Bright P-12 College.
13th of March to 15th March, 2009

On the 13th of March, 1A set off for their 3 day expo. On the first day we got driven to Mt. Loch car park, and started our walk. Each day we had to walk 10km. On the first day we walked 10km to reach Blair’s Hut. We left at around 9:30am to 10:00am, and got to the hut around 4:00pm. I really enjoyed the walk, it was very tiring, but it was great.

On the second day we got up bright and early and left around 9:30am to walk to Dibbin’s Hut. It only took us about 3 to 4 hours to walk there. We had to walk back the way we came the first day for about 2km, until we reached a place called the battery, we then took a different path and walked to Dibbin’s Hut. When we reached Dibbin’s Hut we set up camp and talked for a while, after that we had to walk to Basalt Temple which was a couple of kilometres away from Dibbin’s. We started walking and a couple of minutes later it started bucketing down with rain, thunder and lightning. We had to walk back to our hut because it was too dangerous to keep going.

On the third day, we got up early, had breakfast, packed up our tents and bags, and started to walk back to TAS. We walked at just the right pace; we were walking up a pretty steep hill that went on for quite a while.  We reached a hut that was called Derrick’s Hut, we went inside the hut sat down and had lunch. We had review in the hut which is questions like, what we did well on expo, things we could have done better, things we could work on etc. After that we kept walking and after a few kilometres we reached school.

I loved Expo, it was so much fun. I would do it over and over again if i could, it was the most fun i had ever done, I loved it so much. The only sad thing about expo, was when we finished it we all realised that The Alpine School experience was coming to an end...