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Cool Summer Festival

Maddy & Ash, Cool Summer FestivalHey everyone, my name is Maddy, I go to Parkdale Secondary College. While being at the Alpine School I have done a lot, but my most favourite thing I have done since being at the Alpine School is the Cool Summer Festival. The Cool Summer Festival was a music festival run over 3 days held at Dinner Plain.

We had the option to participate as an activity on a rest day. This is something that the whole community did. All the girls got dressed up and were ‘pumped’ to be going while the boys I was not so sure about. When we got down to the bottom of the ski slope where it was held, we all started dancing and having a good time even though most of the bands that were playing none of us have ever heard of before.  We stayed for 2 hours at the festival because we had to go back for lunch. So after lunch the people who wanted to go back to the festival got to go back. Nearly everyone wanted to go back to have some more fun.

Here is a photo of my friend Ash and I. Ash is the one on the right with the grey jumper and I am the one with the black Jumper on.

Maddy  – Parkdale Secondary College